What does a SWIFT code look like?

Analysis of a Swift Code

SWIFT codes are usually made of 8 to 11 numbers and letters to identify a particular bank or financial organization. All SWIFT codes follow the same format with different pieces of information that direct an international payment.

What is Internet banking or Online Banking?


Internet banking is also known as online banking, i-banking, or e-banking is a system that allows users to manage their accounts and perform transactions directly with a bank via the internet.

What is the purpose of a SWIFT code?


The SWIFT code identifies the country, bank, and branch of a particular bank account. International money transfers have been made easy due to the SWIFT system.

What is SWIFT code and BIC – Learn the basics

swift code

Swift code is a unique code that is used internationally for the identification of a bank; it’s country, and branch location. Swift code is also called Bank Identification Code (BIC).