How to register for internet banking?

To register for online banking, you will need to have an account number from your bank. Also, your respective bank may have an online registration platform where customers are allowed to register for e-banking with their ATM, credit, or debit cards without the need to visit a branch. To perform online registration, you must be not an already registered user with the account details that you are going to use for the enrollment. In most cases, SME customers are not allowed to register online, but they can complete application by visiting a bank branch.

If you are a new customer and would like to register for online banking by yourself, you will need to provide your details that are linked to your bank account. You must have your credit card, debit card, or the access number provided by the bank branch. Some banks will even ask for the phone number linked with your account to improve security.

To register, simply open the website of your bank and click on the online banking hyperlink. You should be redirected to the login page where you will be prompted to sign in or register for i-banking. Click on the register hyperlink, and you should be prompted to enter your credentials, such as credit/debit card numbers. You will also need to customize your username and password that you will be using to sign in to your bank’s internet banking.

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