How do I find a SWIFT code?

If you are planning to send money to your family or friends who live in another country, you will have to search for the SWIFT code to identify their banks to complete the money transfer. There are three different ways to find the right SWIFT code to complete an international transfer.

Check the website of the bank

You can check your own bank’s SWIFT code or even check for the recipient’s bank SWIFT code. It is very simple to check since all you need is to go to the website of the bank you are interested in and check if the SWIFT code is shortlisted.

Check the international money transfer section, the bank’s frequently asked questions, or any other money transfer related link to get the SWIFT code. If the bank’s website has a search feature, you can enter the keywords ‘SWIFT code,’ and you should get some results.

Check bank statements

Many banks usually print their SWIFT codes on the client’s paper statements. If the person you are sending money does not often receive paper statements, you can sign in his/her bank account to view their statements as well as the SWIFT code.

Search on our website

We can help you to find the bank’s SWIFT code you are looking for. You need to visit our SWIFT code database, select the country, and then select the bank you are interested in.

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